Walk through the Old City Center


Come with me on a walk through the small alleys and nook places!

On our tour we are exploring the Roman roots of nowadays Vienna and also the famous circular boulevard which was build 150 years ago where once the medieval fortifications were – the Ringstraße. We will see all the imperial grandeur and impressing edifices, commissioned during the 600-years reign of the Habsburg dukes, kings and emperors, which made Vienna to one of the most impressing cities!

But of course we will also find out a lot about the Viennese and about local traditions!

Duration: Our walk will take between one and a half to two ours!

Imperial Treasury in Hofburg Palace


It was necessary for an emperor to show his might and grandeur also by means of an impressing treasure. Since the Middle Ages the Habsburg princes therefore collected jewels, precious works of art and holy relics.
Now we can visit the former Habsburg treasury and have a look at all these valuables and also some of the most important European insignia! Because the Imperial Treasury houses also the more than 1100 years old crown and the coronation robes of the Holy Roman Empire and the Crown and Robes of the Austrian Empire!

I will be glad to show you all these treasures!

Duration: Our tour will take about one hour!

Walk on Imperial Traces

Q Hofburg_20180425_191650jpg

Vienna is still characterized by its glorious history as the metropolis in Holy Roman and later Habsburg Empire.

For more than 600 years the city was residence of dukes, kings and emperors from the Habsburg family. And even those princes, who did not reside in Vienna, like the unconventional Emperor Rudolph II, shaped the city in some ways.

We will follow the traces of Habsburg rulers and their families and will find a lot of unexpected and interesting stories about this important dynasty and some of her most famous members.

Duration: Our walk will take between one and a half to two ours!

Highlights of Art History Museum

Q KHM_20180707_172519jpg

Habsburg Princes loved to collect arts to show the dynasty´s grandeur and glory! But they were not only collectors but also patrons of art.

The Museum of Fine Arts was therefore built in the 19th century to house all those masterpieces by famous artists like Rubens, Tizian, Bruegel or Raffael. Even the museum´s décor was designed by the most important artists of their times such as Gustav Klimt.

We will not only see paintings but also an important collection of antiquities and the former Habsburg Chamber of Arts and Wonders, a very special collection of artworks and curiosities.

Duration: Our walk will take between one and a half to two ours!